Our misSION is...

To guide you through an exceptionally positive loan process that ends in friendship.

Our vISION is...

To minister to our clients, referral partners, and community.


Giving is a big piece of our DNA, and we have built strategic partnerships with organizations making a huge impact both locally and around the world! A portion of each closed loan goes to support and empower these organizations.  

Our desire is to earn your trust and be your go-to for all of your mortgage needs.  It's our responsibility to demonstrate integrity, build long term relationship and serve our community. If you're thinking, "you're speaking my language," we'd love to represent you!

Whether you're buying your first home, moving up, down-sizing or refinancing, here's what you can expect from me and my team...

  • We put you first, listen and create a solution that best fits your needs.

  • We treat you, and any client you refer to us, like a VIP.

  • We deliver personal and excellent service before, during and after the transaction.

  • We deliver flexible and custom loan programs to help you achieve your homeownership goals.

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Ethan Brizzi
Mortgage Broker & Owner

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  1. We are committed to honoring God in all we do.

    1. We look for opportunities where our service can best glorify God.

    2. We give our personal best, setting an example by pursuing excellence.

    3. We use our faith to uplift people, not exclude them.

  2. We are committed to encouraging and doing good to others.

    1. We build trust through open and honest communication.

    2. We value you as a person, and wish to build you up throughout the loan process.

    3. We do the right thing.

  3. We are committed to excellence.

    1. We work hard to ensure you get the best loan for your specific needs.

    2. We go the extra mile even when it's not convenient.

    3. We value feedback; it helps us improve.

  4. We are committed to blessing others.

    1. We use our business as a platform to create positive change in our community.

    2. We look for opportunities to help others.

    3. We give to others our time and our resources without expecting something in return.



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